Dribl Resources

Dribl App for iOS

    1. On your iOS device such as iPhone or iPad – open the App Store
    2. Search for Dribl
    3. Click the Get button

Dribl App for Android

    1. On your device, open Google Play Store or visit the Google Play store on a web browser
    2. Search for Dribl
    3. Select the Dribl app
    4. Select Install
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation

1. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet. and click on Sign Up.

2.  You will need to enter the same email address you used when registering for Play Football. (1) /  And click Next (2)

Note: If you don’t enter the same email as your Play Football Account Dribl will not give you access.

3. Once you enter you enter the same email address as your Play Football account email address Dribl will send a code enter the code and enter continue.

4. Once the Code is accepted you will receive a welcome message to begin to Personalise your Dribl App, click on  Next. 

5.  Select profile linked to the email address (1)

6.  enter your first name(1)/ enter your Last Name (2)/ Click Next. (3)

7. Enter your date of birth (1)  / click Next. (2)

Note: your date of birth needs to be the same as you have entered in Play football.

Dribl aware of the mobile app that wasn’t linking the profiles and was setting the D.O.B as the date they registered on the app. This has been fixed in the latest app update

8. A confirmation message will appear and finalise your account.

This video will help explain the following:

    • Where to find your teams match sheet
    • How to add borrowed players to your team sheet
    • How to set jersey numbers for your players (including a Goalkeeper) 
    • How to mark player availability (who is available to play on the day and who your starting 11 are) 

This video will help explain the following:

    • How to review your opponents ‘player cards’
    • How to confirm your opponents match sheet

Do I need to confirm my opponents match sheet? – YES!

Please note: entering the half time score is not necessary.

Full time scores must be entered.

If you have a player showing as suspended, you will need to contact us.

We recommend looking at your sheet before the weekend to raise any disputes or concerns with our compsec@castlehillunitedfc.com.au.

Contact our Competition Secretary at compsec@castlehillunitedfc.com.au to lodge an official report if you believe there is an error on your completed match sheet or have a dispute to raise, such as:

    • incorrect score
    • mistaken identity for the recipient of a card
    • incident that occurred during your game

Disputes are not raised via the Dribl App.